C H A P T E R 2 – Tempting Fate.

*_*_*_*_ TASK 1 _*_*_*_*

Describe the relationship between Joe and Simon in this chapter, including important quotations. How are the men inter-dependent and why?

In chapter 2, Tempting Fate, certain events that take place shape Joe and Simons relationship. The men acknowledge each others abilities, stepping in when the other needs a hand. In this chapter they are progressing up the West Face, taking turns, alternating the leading person. They trust the other to take the right path and take the safest route. Throughout this section of the text, the characters recall past experiences and tragedies that had occured whilst climbing. Each have has something equally bad happen to them, lived to tell the tale and have been shaped by these events. ‘I remembered all too vividly, two years earlier when climbing on the Bonatti Pillar…’ These memories still haunt them to this day, a vivid image replaying in their minds.


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