Doreen Cherry – AWLA Australian Women’s Land Army.

 Doreen Cherry, Australian Women’s Land Army 1945 – present day.

I was fortunate to train in a wonderful hospital with dedicated staff. One of my greatest achievements was establishing the Graduate Nurses Association at Royal North Shore. I I am a past president and remain a staunch supporter and I often attend meetings at Royal North Shore.

The Graduate Nurses Association is still in operation and one of our biggest achievements was when a very dedicated Graduate Nurse Una Sullivan ensured that we raised money for a magnificent stained glass window for the hospital chapel designed by Philip Handel.

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Under the Liverpool clock in 1945, the place where John arranged to meet.

Husband John William Cherry died at the age of 45, due to a Bilateral cystic kidney failure. The two met through John’s sister, Audrey. Audrey recommended that Doreen become penpals with her brother. After writing back and forth, John asked to meet Doreen under the clock at Liverpool station. 10 days later they were engaged.

Doreen has two daughters, Wendy and Rosemary, and six grandchildren. She had her 91st birthday on the 20th of January, and was surrounded by life long friends and family.

Doreen is a dedicated member of many organisations such as, The Graduate Nurses Association, The Australian Women of the Year (having being a member for 35 years) and of course, the Australian Women’s Land Army. She has also attended many ANZAC Day marches, and is a strong supporter of the services that the army provide. Doreen is a respected and well know member of the Northern Beaches community.


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