Doreen Cherry, Australian Women’s Land Army 1945 – present day. I was fortunate to train in a wonderful hospital with dedicated staff. One of my greatest achievements was establishing the Graduate Nurses Association at Royal North Shore. I I am a past president and remain a staunch supporter and I often attend meetings at Royal […]

✰ TASK 1 ✰ Explain how language and writing style techniques were used to draw the reader into Joe’s experiences in this section of the descent. You may wish to comment on: imagery, emotive language, figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole), dialogue, syntax (sentence structures) and/or narrative voice. The lead up to Joe’s sudden catastrophe starts roughly […]

     Contrast is used to show Joe’s conflicting feelings and experiences in this chapter. .-.-.-.-. TASK 1 .-.-.-. Explain why contrast is used in these sections of the text. How does contrast assist the reader to understand Joe’s feelings and experiences in this chapter? This chapter starts as Joe is being gradually lowered by […]

-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘- TASK 1 -‘-‘-‘-‘-‘- List some of the problems the men face trying to get down the mountain. Include quotations from the text (pages 85-94) to support these ideas.   Chapter 6, titled ‘The Final Choice’, presents many inconveniences for the men. These problems start with the quote ‘Simon let me slide faster than I […]

Choose TWO of the following passages from Chapter 8 and describe the MOOD and TONE in each passage. Also, explain how this MOOD and TONE was created. I.e. Reference any word choice, language techniques used, or sentence structure chosen. “Instead there was a slow ache inside, a growing sense of loss and sorrow. This is what it had […]

*_*_*_*_ TASK 1 _*_*_*_* Describe the relationship between Joe and Simon in this chapter, including important quotations. How are the men inter-dependent and why? In chapter 2, Tempting Fate, certain events that take place shape Joe and Simons relationship. The men acknowledge each others abilities, stepping in when the other needs a hand. In this chapter they […]

Chapter 1 What do you think these lines mean to you? Joe includes the quote ‘The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible’ at the start of the text ‘Touching the Void’. He is referring to mountaineers. The ‘dreamers of the day’ […]

From the first sentence, we immediately know that this part of the text is set at a campsite. Over the next few lines, we get a bit more backstory to what has happened in recent days. From the line “the sight of my blackened fingertips”, and “I’d forgotten they were damaged”, we get the feeling […]

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